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Versity Music

"Versity is first and foremost a management company."






Versity Music is a management company that also owns and operates subsidiaries Versity Rights, a label that holds master rights in partnership with artists managed by Versity Music, and Versity Production, a company focused on tour production. 


Versity Music started in 2003 and is owned by Per Bystedt, Per Kviman and Andy Farrow. Andy is based in the UK and runs Northern Music Co. Our ambition is to have our artists grow in all ways possible. Both out of a business perspective as well as creatively.

During the past decade the music industry has undergone a tremendous transformation. This change have been very much felt by the people working with artists, raising the bar for what is expected of everyone. Versity believes that the role of artist management have grown even more important because of that.

We take a a holistic approach, we are constantly evolving and our perspective is international.

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